Hello Kitty Has No Mouth, Yet She Promotes Pellets

Dear Sirs :

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves as one of Food 
Manufacturer which produce candy, snack, and pellet located in Sidoarjo, 
East Java.

Our sales network is covering local and export sales, thus in order to 
improve the Brand Awareness and the Company Image, we are planning to use a 
well known character of "Hello Kitty" which has been familiar in our society 
to be applied into our product's design pouch/packaging.

As a Public listed Company, which every steps and action we take are always 
done by a careful and professional preparation, besides bcos of our well 
awareness of the legality of a Trade Mark which is protected under a 
particular License Regulation.

Due to abovementioned, as an initial stages we need several information 
which is related with License application, thus we are veery grateful if you 
are able to inform us :

- Who should be contacted to gain those required information
- The Authorized Sanrio Agency for License application could be contacted in 
USA, Japan or Indonesia.

Once again we are thanking you for your time which are spared to this letter 
; as your reply would be considered as a huge help for us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you at your very earliest 
convenience. Your kind attention and good co-operation would be highly 

Best Regards,
David Goh

How do you do. I live in Indonesia and I own a plastic injection company. I wish to have a license from sanrio so that I can have its pictures on my products. Most of my product are household and they are very marketable nowadays. If you can help me, I wish to know who or where can I contact so that I can get the right person for this licensing in Indonesia. If not, I might also call your nearest office in South East Asia, if you can tell me the numbers.

Your help is really appreciated. Thank you very much.


Inti Plastic Aneka Karet Pte Ltd Vera Fudianto

All things mouthless and Hello Kitty are discussed in the FAQ.
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