How Do People Know That Hello Kitty Has No Mouth?


Each person must seek out the truth in their own way. Here are just some of the search strings people have used in order to find out the truth about Hello Kitty's mouth.

Tim would like to extend his thanks to the fine people who run the search engines for directing so many seekers our way, even when they didn't want to come here.

CountSearch String
1"Hello Kitty" FAQ sex
1"Hello Kitty" and "Warhammer"
1"Hello Kitty" porn pics
2"I Have No Mouth" "Hello Kitty"
1"hello kitty has no mouth" enjoys cigar
1"hello kitty" "mouth"
1"hello kitty" "no mouth" scream
1"hello kitty" "sex"
1"hello kitty" AND hate
1"hello kitty" AND penguin
1"hello kitty" and porn
1"hello kitty" feminist conspiracy
1"hello kitty" mouth "has no" scream
1"how to whistle
2"i have no mouth and I must scream""
3"i have no mouth" "hello kitty"
1"sad teddy bear" picture
1(in AND the AND mouth AND and AND out AND the AND nose)
1Hello Kitty AND Hello Kitty
1Hello Kitty Has No Visible Mouth
1Hello Kitty has no nose
108bad badz maru
1big hello kitty head
1buying hello kitty
1can i have a chance to see the "hello kitty" picture
1cauterizing your nose
2did hello kitty have mouth?
3die hello kitty
1do you have a cartoon picture of hello kitty?
4free hello kitty clipart
1funny y2k sounds
13geeting cards
13goodbye kitty
2gothic hello kitty
1have no mouth and i must scream download
1head cheese gallary
9hello kitty babies
1hello kitty bad english
1hello kitty faq mouthless
158hello kitty has no mouth
1hello kitty has no smile
1hello kitty kamikazi
11hello kitty must die
1hello kitty nude
4520hello kitty
530hello kity
4how to whistle
3i have no mouth and i must scream download
10i have no mouth and i must scream
4i have no mouth
2snack pellet
5what is hello kitty
1where can i buy a magic eight ball in the uk
4why hello kitty has no mouth
2without a mouth she

Hello Kitty has No Mouth.
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