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All of these (and all but one of the questions on the FAQ page) are actual emails which were sent to Tim in response to our exposé of Hello Kitty's mouthlessness. None of these messages were altered or embellished in any way, although they may have been trimmed on either end.

You are crazy

I visited the Sanrio store in San Francisco yesterday and had this

CLERK: Hi! May I help you?
ME: Yes, I was just wondering. Do you have any idea why Hello Kitty has no
CLERK: Um...hmmm.
ME: It just seems kind of strange to me.
CLERK: I guess it is kind of strange.
ME: Do you have any idea why?
CLERK: Not really. I could ask.
ME: Could you please?
MANAGER: Hi! Did you have a question?
ME: Yes. I was just wondering. Do you have any idea why Hello Kitty has no
MANAGER: Well, I guess that's just the way it was made.
ME: Okay. Thank you.

I am holding ' Hello Kitty' ransom, in my underpants.I want $1,000000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,00000000000000000000000,000000000000000,0000000000000000000000000000. By next tuesday or the kitty will be 'goodbye kitty'

you suck your own dick ass hole!!!!!

You "hello kitty has no mouth" site is Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that you worry too much about Hello Kitty's mouth. Hello Kitty is, what she is, and nothing more. There is nothing more, nothing less. I believe that her inner happiness is enough to bring joy to the hearts of many.

I was searching your site for a screen saver and never found one (in english).

I wish the best for you.

You raise a very interesting point. Why does Hello Kitty have no mouth? I have visited stores selling products with her pic on it and I come to the conclusion: She whined so much about not getting enough of the profits that Sanrio took one of the erasers with her pic on it and erased it right off her face. She can whine no more. Oh how sad is ye life!

My daughter is very fond of Hello Kitty. She got to know HK when I bought her a CD named "Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe". It worked all right until I installed Windows 95. Now I reinstalled Win 3.11 (together with Win95) and it works, but no sound. Could you prompt us, please, where a similar CD that can work in Win95 can be bought? It's very difficult to get one here, in Russia.

USE ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

about 8 months ago i printed your "no mouth" web site and had it up in my office at work - which only verified to the rest of the staff that I am a complete psychopath... not as much as you of course, but i am insane.

You're hilarious.

ps - Hello Kitty has no mouth because "if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all".

You funny american man. Hello Kitty got no mouth is funny place to go. I go now!

i saw your hk page, and the lorax and tootsie roll thing are pretttty creative! yes, and throughout all the FAQs, you still have to prve the point- "Hello Kitty has no mouth!"

i have thought of that for a long time, too, but how come in some "old" sanrio products, they have them?

*though it does looook freaky WHEN Hello Kitty does have a mouth* show more of your hk expressions!

though try makin more funny stuff and not stuff like coughing up hairballs, okay?

(yes, i know, but hello kitty HAS no mouth!)

i would like to tell you that your little expose of the fact that hello kitty has no mouth is a necessity, and that the world is a better place because of it. Thank you for opening ther eyes of so many vehement hello kitty fans, and for putting into words the exact feelings we all have about *her* and her glorious/hideous mouthlessness. did you know she is a gothic crackwhore of the week? did you tims have something to do with that???

why did you put up this page, certainley not just to tell the world the Heloo Kitty has no mouth, I mean come on. DUH!! of course hello kitty has no mouth!! Sanrio made it that way, so she could never tell her buddies what really goes on inside the corporate building.!

Me and my friend (who love's cats) read your Hello Kitty article and think it is HIGHLY ammusing!! We also feel that Hello Kitty is the most adorable creature (Besides tigers and chinchilas) to walk upon this planet! And even though this probably wont go up on display we think hello kitty is just as adorable with or without a mouth!!

i just finished looking at your hello kitty site. i love hello kitty and thought that was some funny s*it. i guess it sucks that she has no mouth since she can't smoke weed or at least eat some special brownies that her sister bakes. the animated pictures of her were too cute!!!!!

I've Got Chunks of Hello Kitty's Mouth in My Stool!!

tim, i will find you. i will find the corner taqueria and will set fire to every house in the town of the corner taqueria.

do you really feel that you've done something worthwhile enough (in making fun of hello kittie's mu-mouth) to be killed over? that you will die happy? we will soon find out.

Yes, not only does Hello Kitty have no mouth, but she has another mutation also: thumbs. That mutation has a name though. She is a Polydactyl cat. I have a cat who is also a Polydactyl, so I can sympathise. Wow, I just realized Hello Kitty has something else in common with my cat, a stub tail. Damn! Poor kitties! At least my stub- tailed Polydactyl has a mouth.

yous are all just jealous of hello kitty because EVEYONE loves her ! so go rot in hell you stupid mother fuckers....hello kitty is the BEST!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON HELLO KITTY LOVERS

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